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Why use talk & grow?

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We take the stress out of finding a counsellor

We believe that finding a counsellor should be easy, especially if you are in a difficult place when searching for one. The world of therapy can be a bit daunting if you don’t know what to look for, so we want to help. We want to be there to inform and support people in their brave step of finding a therapist!

Counselling isn’t like any other service. It’s a bit like a relationship in many ways (not as scary as it sounds, we promise!). You want to get a good match so that you can do the work together and feel comfortable doing so. We want to help with that too.

We are here to help, our goal is to help people get into counselling, so if you ever have any questions about finding a counsellor just use our webchat and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

Remove the stigma

More and more people are changing the way they view mental health for the good, but we still have some way to go. We want to be a part of getting the world to a place where it is easy for people to say they’ve had or are having a counselling session if they want to.

We go to the dentist if we have a toothache, or the doctors if we’re feeling ill, so let’s go to counselling when there’s something causing us issues in our mind.

We also know that it can feel like it’s a big deal going to therapy, so we want to celebrate and encourage people when they have done something so courageous. We want people to be proud of us making that step.

Make counselling accessible

One of the main mottos at Talk and Grow is; counselling is for everyone. This is because we believe everyone should feel as though they can arrange to speak to someone when they need to. Therapy is not just for those with mental health problems, which is sometimes a misconception people believe. It is, in fact, for anyone who needs to talk. That’s why we’re here.

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